How much does it cost to make a cab booking app like Cabify?

Cabify Clone App Development

Founded in 2011, Cabify is a ridesharing company that provides vehicles for hire through its smartphone mobile app. Operating in Spain, Portugal & Latin America, the company offers two services, one for businesses & another for individuals.

Taxi booking apps have been trending across the world. Especially apps like Cabify, Uber and LeCab have captured people’s recognition worldwide. After considering the appealing prospects, more entrepreneurs are looking forward to investing in this trending sector with the Cabify clone app.

Cost to build an app like Cabify

Timeline: The total number of hours that have to be put in by the developers is a deciding factor for the cost of your app.

Technology & Platform: The cost can also decide on the based technologies and platform (Android & iOS) you choose during app development.

Location of the development company: The rates per hour differ according to location. You can expect the hourly rates as below-

· USA: $100–150 / Per Hour

· India: $20–50 / Per Hour

· UAE: $60- 100 / Per Hour

The cost to build an app like Cabify may range anywhere between $40,000 to $1,00,000 for both platforms (iOS and Android). It may go high if you choose advanced features and hi-tech technologies.

To develop the complete Taxi booking app. There is a need for three different apps, such as user app, admin app & driver app.

User app

· Social media login

· Advanced search & filter

· Payment options

· Offers & discounts

· Loyalty programs

· Referral perks

Taxi driver app

· Availability Toggle

· Earning module

· Customer details

· Heat maps

Admin panel app

· Maintain CRM activities

· Statistical dashboard

· Content regulation module

· Access all trip details

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