How much does it cost to make a NewsPaper Mobile App?

NewsPaper App Development

Nowadays people are favor watching news online through a mobile app instead of reading newspapers or magazines. Hence the demand for online newspaper & magazines apps is increasing significantly.

How much cost to build a newspaper app?

News app development cost depends on various factors. These factors are as follow,

· A choice between Android & iOS platforms

· Development type: Native or Hybrid

· Number of features added

· Hiring a development company or a freelancer

· Outsourcing or in-house news app development

· Location of the development (USA, India, UK, Europe)

However, the general MVP cost estimation for a news app varies between $12,000 to $20,000 for a basic app. If you wish to add any additional features, the cost may increase. A high-end news app allowing more user action costs around $25,000 to $45,000.

Now, let’s focus on the essential features that add to making a successful newspaper app.

· Login / Registration

· User Profile

· Filter Search option

· Push Notification

· Offline reading option

· All types of media

· Favorite option

· Like, Comment, Share

Some of the best and famous News applications

· Apple News

· Google News

· The Week

· News360

· BBC News

· Flipboard

· Yahoo News

· CNN News

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